The Successful Single Mom Series Box Set

I’ve been working on quite a few projects recently, and I’m very excited to announce that one of them is finished! The Successful Single Mom eBook series is finally here! These books are a single mom’s therapist, BFF, coach and personal trainer all rolled into one. This set includes the first six books of The Successful Single Mom series:

All of the books in the series provide a road map for creating the life, love, income, body, education and so much more that you really want, starting instantly, today, with the encouragement you need.

This is your key to building a life you love, one that will increase both your happiness levels and the value you provide to your kids.

Are you ready to feel inspired to begin your transformation and become the mom and woman you've always known you could be?
You can do it, Single Mama!  

Honorée Corder

Single Mom's Choice: Most Popular Blogs of All Time

Hey there, Single Mamas! 

Have I got a treat for you! Many of you are new to The Successful Single Mom {this also applies for my long-time followers *wink} and I'd love to share my most popular blogs with you. 

I'll share the first paragraph of my top five blog posts and links for you to view the whole blog. Each of these posts share information, tips, and ideas that are uplifting and helpful for single moms. I hope you find these beneficial, and I hope each of you know how amazing and wonderful you are! 

I broke down in tears within two weeks of my split, but not because I was getting divorced. No, it was sex ... or more specifically the prospect of having sex -- with a new person {people!} that sent me over the edge. I was having drinks with two friends, both of whom had been divorced for several years, and we stumbled upon the subject of dating.  I remember my friend saying, "Don't worry, you'll even start having sex again before you know it."

Little Peanut on the Go

One of the hardest things for single moms to do is leave the house.  Whether your children are coming along or staying home, leaving home is hard – especially when your children are very young. 

If your children are along, going anywhere is difficult.  There’s so much to bring that you end up making lists to keep track of everything. 

If your children are staying home, not only do you have to find a babysitter – which can be a major undertaking in itself – but you have to make more lists: emergency contacts, medical information, and of course how to take care of the children. 

Now you can replace the paper scraps and sticky notes on your counter with Little Peanut on the Go, a mobile app to keep you organized and connected when you, your kids, or your whole family is away from home. 

Guest Blog by Drew Davies: Writing a Will - Help for Parents

If you don’t have a Will, you’re not alone. According to the Law Society, only 36% of British adults had written their Wills in 2014. For parents, it’s an especially easy thing to overlook. Days are busy and full (to put it mildly); you’re fit and healthy, with decades of life stretching in front of you. Why on Earth would you make a Will?

Life is nothing if not unpredictable, a fact that confronts you full on as soon as you have kids. You never know what the day will bring, and sometimes even planning from one minute to the next seems impossible.

Single parents have it even tougher because everything rests on their sole shoulders. But that makes it even more important to lay down some concrete plans so if anything were to happen, the children wouldn’t be left high and dry.

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for You!

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This Thanksgiving I want to show my appreciation for you, Single Mama!

Many of you have read The Successful Single Mom book (and some of the other books in the series), but this week I want to offer you the opportunity to read any of the books in the series for FREE

If you're interested in any of the following books, all we ask is that you write an honest review on Amazon and we will send you a free electronic copy.